An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company      

Environmental Health and Safety

Veracious Inc. is responsible for environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work. We cater to has two general objectives: prevention of incidents or accidents that might result from abnormal operating conditions on the one hand and reduction of adverse effects that result from normal operating conditions on the other hand.

For example, fire, explosion and release of harmful substances into the environment or the work area must be prevented. Also, action must be taken to reduce a company’s environmental impact under normal operating conditions (like reducing the company’s carbon footprint) and to prevent workers from developing work related diseases. Regulatory requirements play an important role in both approaches and consequently our EHS manager identifies and understand relevant EHS regulations, the implications of which must be communicated to top management (the board of directors) so the company can implement suitable measures.Our safety culture encompasses a healthy and safe environment achieved through everyone’s understanding of their related responsibilities and compliance with all regulatory requirements


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