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Corporate Governance

Veracious Inc., has conducted business with integrity since its inception. We are pleased to maintain the Tradition of Integrity with a top down approach. We strongly support the Veracious codes of Business Conduct and Ethics as a written expression of the Tradition of Integrity central to Veracious culture.

Our core values and principles are essential to us, and we expect everyone at Veracious to behave accordingly. Each of the members of our Board of Directors has committed to act ethically at all times and to adhere to the policies in the Veracious Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics. All of our members, including senior management, are required to comply with these codes. The commitment also extends to others who represent or act on behalf of veracious. Representatives are instructed that their conduct on our behalf shall comply with these codes.

Within the Veracious Codes of Business Conduct applies to all Veracious members as well as to Veracious directors.


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