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Ports & Docks

Ports are harbor areas where ships are docked and for the agency (port authority), which administers use of public wharves and port properties.

Docks are places to bring in a vessel to tie up at a wharf berth. (One parks a car, but docks a ship). A dock is a structure built along, or at an angle from, a navigable waterway so that vessels may lie alongside to receive or discharge cargo. Sometimes, the whole wharf is informally called a dock.

In today’s modern days Ports and docks are becoming major business hub as international businesses increases. They require support for construction and maintenance. Veracious can source and provide most quality and trusted brands available across the globe. Veracious has a reputation in the Industry for its unmatched service and professionalism. Regardless of where in the world our customers are located, Veracious provides customized service and support


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