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Who we are

Veracious Inc. Primarily provides procurement and distribution solutions for Industrial and Commercial spare parts, consumables, equipment’s and services. Our focus is on business-to-business markets in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, safety products, chemicals and other industrial products.

Veracious is a North American Enterprise. We have a clear vision and carefully follow planned long-term strategies. Having offices in
two strategic locations of Toronto, Canada and Houston, Texas – USA we are able to service North American and International customers effectively and efficiently.

Like its name, Veracious represents truthfulness and honesty in business. The Company is built on a foundation of Commitment, Communication, Response Time, Reliability and Customer Retention. Our management team is a highly motivated group driven by two central concepts: Meeting Customer’s expectations, and Excellence in business. We have a progressive mindset and embrace change to improve our business practices on an ongoing basis. We believe in taking careful steps and keeping our fundamentals strong as we are committed to servicing our customer’s needs day after day, year after year.

We have team of trained and motivated people at place for various functions within the organization. There is seamless interactions amongst various groups. Everyone is focused to serve our customers with utmost dedication.

A team with knowledge of our products and Industries we serve. They excel in forming relationship with Customers, using effective sales strategies and tools.

Understanding what are our markets and what our customer needs and desires. Translating those needs into a marketing strategy and implementing them effectively.

Identifying right suppliers across the globe and collaborating to provide effective and timely service to our customers. Also promoting professional products. Use of effective tool to register prospective suppliers.

Standard approach to customer inquiries, technical evaluation. Identifying right manufacturer / supplier for requested products. Interfacing Customer and supplier to resolve technical queries

Supply Chain
Collaborating internally and externally to ensure that we have the right products at the right place and at the right time.

Information Technology
Our trained IT team creates seamless infrastructure which automates processes, enabling effective communication throughout our organization and externally with our customers, suppliers, freight companies etc. Team uses most recent IT tools and keeps pace with
the changing needs.

Responsible money management and accountability ensures our ability to maintain sustainable growth consistently.

Human resources
Achieving organizational excellence through creating and implementing strategic programs enriching the organization’s value to customers, employees and stakeholders.

We help our customers be successful with our products and services, applying scientific approach, providing best in class services and being truthful to our partners and people.
It’s our people and processes that lead to our continued success. Our ability to provide excellent service and right products to our customers is dependent upon our team. Our people are customer service oriented passionate and innovative.

At Veracious, you will find a dedication to quality and excellence; an emphasis on respect to our customers, business partners and fellow employees; a level of expertise and ownership which is second to none and a dedication to ethical and social responsibility.

In order to sustain continuous growth, develop and innovate, we look for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, creative and positive. In return, we provide challenging and rewarding careers in a corporate culture which is both engaging and supportive.



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