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How much oil is there in the world?
In 1996 there were 1,047,200 million barrels of proven crude oil reserves, of which 76.6 per cent was in OPEC Member Countries.

OPEC Member Countries?
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, with the signing of an agreement in September 1960 by five countries namely Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. They were to become the Founder Members of the Organization. These countries were later joined by Qatar (1961), Indonesia (1962), Libya (1962), the United Arab Emirates (1967), Algeria (1969), Nigeria (1971), Ecuador (1973), Gabon (1975) and Angola (2007). From December 1992 until October 2007, Ecuador suspended its membership. Gabon terminated its membership in 1995. Indonesia suspended its membership effective January 2009. Currently, the Organization has a total of 12 Member Countries.

Which countries use the most oil and gas?
The top oil user is the USA (17 million barrels per day) and top gas user is the former Soviet Union (23,000 billion cubic feet per year)

How much oil does the world consume each day?
The total world consumption of crude oil in 1996 was 71.7 million barrels per day (there are 42 US gallons in a barrel or 159 litres). OPEC estimates that total world oil consumption could reach around 100 million barrels per day by the year 2020.

How much oil enters the ocean?
The amount of petroleum products ending up in the ocean is estimated at 0.25% of world oil production: about 6 million tons per year.

How much oil enters the oceans with oil spills?
Oil spills account for only about five percent of the oil entering the oceans. The Coast Guard estimates that for United States waters sewage treatment plants discharge twice as much oil each year as tanker spills. During the last decade, more than one billion gallons of oil spilled worldwide.

What is ‘the number one’ oil spill in terms of damage to the environment?
The Exxon Valdez spill is widely considered the number one spill worldwide in terms of damage to the environment. It is also the largest ever spill in the United States, but ranks around 34th largest worldwide.

What are the world largest oil spills?
The three world largest oil spills are:

  • 26 January 1991; terminals, tankers; 8 sources total Sea Island installations; Kuwait; off coast in Persian Gulf and in Saudi Arabia (240.0 millions of gallons);
  • 03 June 1979; exploratory well Ixtoc I well; Mexico; Gulf of Mexico, Bahia Del Campeche, 80 km NW of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche (140.0 millions of gallons);
  • 02 March 1992; oil well; Uzbekistan; Fergana Valley (88.0 millions of gallons)

What are the most polluted ocean areas detected from space?
Widespread manmade pollution of the sea that can be detected by current space borne systems is concentrated in the Middle East, particularly in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

Which countries have the world’s largest proven crude oil reserves?

  • Saudi Arabia – 265,405-460,017 MMbbl
  • Venezuela – 211,169-297,571 MMbbl
  • Iraq – 175,421-178,350 MMbbl
  • Canada – 173,625-175,200 MMbbl
  • Iran – 151,167-154,580 MMbbl

What is the role of oil and natural gas in the economy of different countries?
Oil supplies the US with 30% of its energy, 50% for the UK, 10% for Japan, 22% for India and 90% for Nigeria Natural gas supplies the US with 26% of its energy, 18% for the UK, 4% for India and 3% for Japan

Which Countries are top iron ore producers in the world?
As on 2014 below are top five countries producing iron ore (in thousand tonnes)

  • China – 1,500,000
  • Australia – 660,000
  • Brazil – 320,000
  • India – 150,000

Which are the top three iron ore mining centres in the world?

  • Hamersley – Western Australia
  • Carajas – Vale Brazil
  • Chichester Hub Australia

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